Tax Advisers

Our professionalism and extensive legal experience guarantee an excellent service in all areas of Spanish taxation and finance. Comprehensive legal advice always available for our business and foreign clients, both Resident and Non-Resident and particularly for Self-Employed (Autónomo) Business Partnerships.


Fiscal (Financial) Processes: Advice and Assistance in General

  • Registering your business with Treasury & Social Security Departments
  • Helping you decide which type of business set up is best for you.
  • Applying for your Business Licences in the Town Hall.
  • Preparation of your Annual Tax Returns, (Renta) and Wealth Tax.
  • IVA (VAT) Declaration.
  • Presentation of Tax Returns to various authorities.
  • Advice on Investments.
  • Advice on Inheritance Tax.
  • Representation and advice regarding any Inspection Proceedings.


  • Property purchase, Retention Tax (Non-Residents)
  • Patrimonium Increase Tax (Non-Residents)
  • Transfer Tax (Impuesto Transmisiones Patrimoniales)