Documents of E.U. Citizens

N.I.E. number

All foreigners with any kind of fiscal (tax) obligations here in Spain are required to obtain a foreigner's identity number, called an NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero), which identifies you to the Spanish tax authorities. This is very similar to the National Insurance number which you have in your own country

   The original of this certificate is essential when completing many transactions in Spain e.g.- buying and selling property or getting a car registered in your name are just some of the times when you will need to have this document.

   We will prepare the paperwork for the application and then accompany you to the relevant issuing office to obtain this certificate

Residence Certificate

There have been recent changes in the laws relating to the Residencia status here in Spain. Whereas previously this was a lengthy process in which an identity card was eventually given, the process has now been simplified by the issuing of a Residence Certificate for EU nationals. Those EU citizens in Spain who already have residence cards will now not need to re-register until their current residence card expires.                                     

  We provide a same day service for this certificate ensuring that your application is dealt with swiftly, and avoiding the lengthy queues which can often occur in the issuing offices.


Empadronamiento Certificate

The Empadronamiento is a certificate given to justify that you live in Spain on a more or less permanent basis. This allows the local government to calculate how many people are living in an area and helps them to petition for grants from the central government to improve local facilities.

   The Empadronamiento is essential for many daily aspects of life in Spain and can be obtained from the local Town Hall. Each office asks for different paperwork in relation to this and it can sometimes be a frustrating task. We can verify the paperwork required and provide a translator to accompany you to the Town Hall to obtain this certificate.


Spanish Drivers Licence

Once you are resident in Spain, it is necessary to change your Drivers Licence for a Spanish Licence.

   We can take care of the administrative system dealing with this, by presenting your application in the Spanish Traffic Department. You will receive a temporary license until the new one is ready for collection.