Legal Services

    We offer a comprehensive professional advice service covering all negotiations, consultations, property conveyancing and legal matters, for all of our clients, business or personal, resident and non-resident. 


    Our company includes Accountants (Economistas), Lawyers, Estate Agents (API registered) etc, who form a professional team of highly qualified people.  Our team always consult with each other over each client’s affairs to ensure that all legal and fiscal obligations are correctly met under current Spanish Law. We specialise in Legal and Fiscal matters, Administrative and Judicial Procedures for all; residents, non-residents, business and personal alike.   


    We consider that we can be of most value to our clients by offering them the best solutions to their problems, which will avoid any future conflict with the Spanish Authorities. 


    Our ultimate aim is to secure and maintain your trust in us. Your satisfaction is our goal. 


That is why our slogan is "Thank you for placing your trust in us"